Getting Started

Need to take your web strategy to the next level? Here's some helpful information so we can work together.

I Love WordPress

It's the best. It runs 30% of the internet. It can do anything if you ask it nicely. So I work exclusively on WordPress (I built one plugin that's now running on over 3,000 websites).

I Want to See Your Business Grow

I want to know what your pain points are, and I want to know your potential. I want to learn all about you, and then I want to help you take advantage of what a strategic web presence can offer.

I'm Not a One-Man-Band

I'd love to play solo every song, but it doesn't work that way. Sometimes I'm the conductor- and sometimes I'm just crashing the symbols at the end of the song. That means that once in a while I might want to bring in a great graphic designer or copywriter if it looks like you'll need it. Don't worry, I've got connections.

I'm Ready for a Long-Term Commitment

Websites aren't wine. Digital strategy is not set-it-and-forget-it. You're not Thom Yorke and I won't leave you high and dry. If we work together, I may have some big ideas for the distant future, and that starts with making sure your website is maintained and secured on a regular basis.

Want to take it to the next level?