Marketing Funnels

What are marketing funnels?

Marketing funnels are name we give the process that users will go through to become your customers or your audience. We call them funnels because they start with a very large group of people- the market- and funnel the group down to become more specific- your audience. The benefit of a funnel is not just bringing users to your doorstep, it also filters out the people who aren't your ideal audience.

What are the components of a funnel?

There are many ways to define funnels, but in the online world, most funnels work alongside content marketing. Essentially, you use free content that provides value to to your target audience. You then trade that free content for permission to have a conversation, perhaps through an automated email sequence, where you market your core offerings to them.

Valuable Free Content

Start with free, valuable content. This can be blog posts, social media posts, videos, or any other type of content that will provide value to your target market.

Subscribe for More

Save an advanced piece of content, like a short video tutorial or PDF ebook, for subscribers. This is your lead magnet, which helps you connect with the visitors who are interested in digging in deeper with you.

Premium Offers

Finally, connect with your leads to inform them of your core offerings. If you've already provided specific and measurable value to them, your audience is much more likely to want to support you.

Marketing Funnel Worksheet

Interested in building a marketing funnel together? Fill out this quick worksheet to learn more.