The homepage is the core of your online presence, but it may be only one piece of your digital puzzle. I offer digital consulting services centered around web, social, SEO, local, and content marketing.

Digital Media Consulting

Maybe you have all the pieces in place. Or maybe you're starting from scratch and what to know your options. Digital media consulting means I lay it all out on the table for you, working through a discovery process that helps us both learn a little more about each other.

Website Design and Development

Your online presence is defined by your websites. Even if social media is your beast or an e-newsletter is your speed, you need to own your online home base.

I provide design and development services for websites that showcase your value to your potential audience.

Long-Term Website Support

Websites are no longer just 'set it and forget it'. Our society overtly values image and presentation online.

Instead of building a collection of cobweb and spam, let me ensure that your website is constantly running, with free content updates, backups, security monitoring and even analytics reports.

Search Engine Optimization

Now more than ever you need to be found. While no SEO expert can promise the front page of Google, the truth is that modern search engine optimization provides a nuanced and multi-pronged approach to how to best convince Google and Bing that you're the right website for the job.

Custom Plugin Development

If you're like me, you love WordPress. I love WordPress so much, I build free plugins for it.

Whether you're an agency that needs the support of a WordPress expert or just someone with a big what if... custom plugin development is what takes the extensibility of WordPress to the next level.

Content Marketing Strategy

You have value, I know it. But are you sharing that value with your potential audience? Whether you're interested in solving rare diseases or providing comprehensive online education (both real clients), then you need to start pushing that value outward in a unified content marketing strategy.