7 Tools for Modern WordPress Development

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Hi, I’m Brian Coords and I’m helping WordPress developers and agencies make the transition into the new era of the Block Editor.

What We’ll Cover

In this series, you’ll see what WordPress developers are using to:

Query Monitor – Get under the hood and debug sites

Create-Block – Get up and running with custom blocks

??? – Compile CSS and JS specifically for WordPress

??? – Run WordPress commands at maximum speed

??? – Manage performance for content-heavy sites

??? – Fetch and update content and more

??? – Build a user interface the WordPress way

Frequently Asked

What exactly is “modern” WordPress development?

From building custom plugins and themes to launching sites for high-end clients, there’s a new world of WordPress being built with blocks.

What if I’ve never used the Block Editor?

Like many other developers, I was pretty resistant to using the block editor. Since I’ve started spending more time in it, I’ve seen massive productivity gains, something we confirmed more broadly at our agency. If it’s been a few years, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much better the block editor is now.

Do I need to know JavaScript / React / [insert fancy thing here]?

The WordPress admin experience is built on JavaScript/React. If you’re planning on building custom themes, you are probably fine without much JavaScript. If you want to build plugins, custom blocks, or anything that enhances the editor itself, JavaScript is a requirement.

Isn’t “WordPress Developer” an oxymoron?

It’s true that the WordPress ecosystem is very wide. WordPress is used by writers, SEOs, marketers, extenders, builders, and yes- developers. Whether you’re using Elementor or building completely bespoke enterprise-level WordPress sites, there’s definitely something here for you.

Does this cost anything?

Nope! This is a free “high-level” video series. We’re not going to dig too deeply here. Instead we’re just going to get acquainted with some of the tools that developers rely on. For more advanced videos, check out my YouTube channel or leave some comments.

What people are saying…

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“Thanks for your video. You’re a great teacher, explain well at a reasonable pace and and appreciate your authentic background. New subscriber!”

Helping WordPress developers and agencies make the transition into the new era of the Block Editor.

7 Tools for Modern WordPress Development

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