Currently, I’m a WordPress consultant who provides management of digital media, building websites and apps and writing content. My passions include non-profits and educational organizations.

Since 2015, I’ve also been the New Media Manager for The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation, a group dedicated to solving one rare disease in the hopes that it’ll open the door to solving all of them. In the past eight years, the Foundation has funded more than $50 million in scientific research, and I’m thrilled to be responsible for bringing that mission to the world by developing websites, apps, and anything that can help.

Before that I was a high school English teacher and an adjunct college writing instructor. I worked in a Title 1 high school where my students were more worried about the on-campus gang violence than Romeo and Juliet. Needless to say, they taught me as much as I taught them. After that I taught writing to a group of college students who were turning their lives around and kicking ass doing it.

Before that I was a waiter and a barista, going to college and playing music in my free time. My friends and I hosted an open mic for local stars and weirdos to come together and share music and coffee. In the meantime, I was studying American literature and Greek tragedy, working on my master’s degree and eventually my teaching credential.

Before that I was in high school,  watching a lot of Star Wars and reading a lot of J.R.R. Tolkien. If there’s a high school nerd checklist, I completed it. Marching band, drama club, listening to too much Weezer- that was me.

Now I am the technology director and editor specializing in WordPress development. I believe that every one of my previous lives gives me the experience to be unique at what I do. I’m a developer who likes to teach. I’m a writer who likes to develop. I’m a nerd who likes to write.

Oh and I’m also a father, raising four daughters and one son with my wife in Orange County, California.