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How to send a support request to your developer

Whenever you see issues that look out of date from what you expect the website to look like, the first step is to make sure you’re actually seeing the most recent version of the webpage. Sometimes our browser loads portions of the website from a local ‘cache’ or locally stored version. Make sure you’re getting…

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Ongoing Website Maintenance

Websites are like cars. I don’t build my own car- heck I don’t even change my own oil- but it doesn’t mean I don’t drive one. I just trust the professionals to keep it running. At a certain point, if your car isn’t making regular visits to a professional for upkeep and maintenance, you’ll find…

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Should I care about GDPR? The GDPR checklist.

Most of us think about GDPR the way we think about most abbreviations, that is to say, not at all. Abbreviations always have a negative consequence- even BYOB means you have to pay for the beer yourself. I’d been happily ignoring GDPR for a while now, much like the rest of the online community, until…

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