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I’m helping WordPress developers and agencies make the transition into the new era of the WordPress Block Editor.

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  • Generate CSS Variables for any global style assigned in the site editor

    How to reference a CSS property that was assigned to a specific block or element by automatically rendering our own CSS variables.

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    When should WordPress Devs learn Version Control?

    Brian and Mark dig into version control tools like Git for WordPress sites – When do you need it? What does it do? Why do developers seem to love it so much?

  • WordPress Studio Review

    WordPress.com released their new local development tool- and there’s been a lot of misconceptions lets clear those up, talk about some of the underlying technology, and compare it to the elephant in the room: LocalWP.

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    Using Block Variations with the Block Bindings API

    Let’s dig into the new Block Bindings API in WordPress 6.5 – with a focus on how to offer a “no-code” experience for your users with Block Variations.

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    Dev Considerations for a New FSE Project

    This post outlines the main developer experience issues with block-based themes, with some thoughts around how I plan to solve them, including what tools I might need to leverage along the way.

  • Should the “Page” in WordPress be the new default?

    A crazy thought experiment: let’s make “page” the default post type in WordPress- and make posts (and all that come with them) opt-in.

  • 🔗 WP Tavern: Inside DE{CODE} 2024, WP Engine’s Upcoming Developer Conference

    WP Engine’s team opens up about their annual developer conference focusing on WordPress, AI, and of course, Advanced Custom Fields.