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I’m helping WordPress developers and agencies make the transition into the new era of the WordPress Block Editor.

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    FSE Navigation Block Woes

    Navigation block feedback for the FSE team

  • How the block editor handles CSS (Block Styles Manager Ep 5)

    Registering block styles, inline block styles, tree-shaking, the “Styles Engine” – how does the block editor actually load CSS and is this tool going to be good for performance? Plus a quick update on the Block Styles Manager user interface.

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    Using Core Data and Sharing Context across WordPress Blocks

    Extending WordPress blocks to talk to each other means using the WordPress Core Data packages, and hidden block features like “context”. With tools like useSelect and useDispatch, we’ll add a button to a core block that inserts new blocks into it’s parent block.

  • Thoughts on Editor UI (Block Styles Manager – Build in Public Part 4)

    In this update to the Block Styles Manager, we focus on some of the weird UI challenges that the block editor provides, why custom CSS isn’t already an option, and what is a block editor “plugin”.

  • Building a Block Styles Manager – Episode 3

    Custom data stores in WordPress / the block editor. Hard stuff (for me at least). In this status update on the Block Styles Manager, I talk about custom REST API endpoints, handling data, and saving CSS directly to your filesystem.

  • WordCamp Phoenix 2024

    🚨 If you’re looking for my presentation from WCPHX 2023, Migrating your Workflow from ACF Flexible Content Rows to ACF Blocks, you can find that here. Custom Block Development… Using Other Blocks Learn how to build a custom block- using only other core blocks. Why? WordPress core already offers blocks for most common HTML elements-…

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    WP REST API and Postman – Using Application Passwords

    What are Application Passwords in WordPress and how can I use them? Let’s dig into the WP REST API and how you can make authenticated API calls from tools like Postman (and any other code base) by using core WordPress’s Application Passwords feature.

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    In Support of Canonical Plugins

    There’s a few additional features that WordPress should really offer out of the box, based on a more modern expectation of what a website could/should be.

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    Block Styles Manager for WordPress – Episode 2

    Episode 2 of my YouTube Build in Public series building a block styles manager for the WordPress block editor.