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  • Sending an email in WordPress using your WooCommerce email design

    Supposedly, this is what the wc_mail() function is supposed to do: help you send an email the way you might with wp_mail() BUT include your fancy WooCommerce template/design/styles around the content. Well, it didn’t seem to be working for us, so after breaking it apart, we took the core function and wrote what we think […]

  • VSCode Snippet for using jQuery in WordPress

    These days I’m trying to use vanilla JS as much as possible, but more often than not, I find myself writing jQuery when in WordPress.

  • How to Enqueue JavaScript for a Shortcode

    One of the top questions I get is how to add JavaScript for your shortcode the right way without affecting pagespeed.

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  • Get a thumbnail from the Vimeo API

    Grabbing the thumbnail URL for a video hosted on YouTube has always been simple. Just stick the video’s unique ID into a URL and bam- there’s your image. When it came to the Vimeo API, on the other hand, it used to be simple. Recently Vimeo has been in the process of sunsetting it’s classic […]

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  • WordPress Tip: Create theme or plugin ZIP file with Gulp

    The way I develop now, I’m using NPM to grab packages, and typically Gulp to handle things like processing my Sass and JavaScript files. Gulp has been a great addition to the dev toolkit, allowing you to handle some repetitive tasks with just the click of a button or a few simple words on the […]

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  • A Beginner’s Guide to the WordPress REST API

    A Beginner’s Guide to the WordPress REST API on I wrote a post for the blog. The article covers the WordPress REST API, as well as provides an introduction to REST APIs in general. I offer an example use case that you can follow along, and discuss some future potential of the project. […]

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  • All My Embedded Links, a WP REST API Proof of Concept

    I’m a big fan of the WordPress REST API. I’ve been writing about it here on my site as well as other places. I’ve been using it in production, including in the iOS/Android app NMO Resources which syncs to a WordPress-based website. It’s become a fun new way to interact with data, especially outside of the […]

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  • CMB2 & WP REST API Part 2 – Full Support

    This article is a follow up to this previous post, which explored a method for adding CMB2 meta to the WP REST API. As CMB2 author Jason Sternberg mentioned in a comment on that post, WP REST API support was in the process of being built in at that time. Now that time has come. […]

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  • Enabling SSL & HTTPS on WordPress

    Encryption, the ability to protect data as it is transferred across the internet, has entered the public debate and it’s not going anywhere. In fact it’s becoming more and more clear that as we transfer so much of our lives online, we have to think about privacy and security in ways like never before. This is […]

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  • How to Use to Preview a Website

    Update: It looks like is no longer active. Here’s a decent alternative: When a website relaunch requires a migration, there’s one really iffy period that’s always given me the most trouble. You’ve drawn and designed, built mockups and prototypes, coded your site on a local server and even pushed it up to a demo […]

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