Github Copilot and the WordPress Gold Rush?

I don’t know about you, but I’m a chronic New Year’s over-planner. I love the chance to set myself some goals that I’ll grow to hate and eventually ignore. This year, I’m trying very hard to boost my personal writing/blogging habit (along with the usual “more exercise, less food and twitter”). 

That means I’m coming out of the gate this year with a lot of content. Will it last? Time can only tell.

My Recent Writing

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 There’s too much code  With AI tools like Github Copilot on the rise, I have some concern about the sheer amount of code we’re dealing with in our jobs today.

As you can tell, I’ve had AI on the brain recently. Over at MasterWP, I wrote more broadly about using Github Copilot, especially as a WordPress developer.

 🔗 MasterWP: Getting Cozy with GitHub Copilot  Github Copilot is definitely good – but is it “good”? And how does it fare for WordPress developers?

There’s Gold in Them There Blogs

Speaking of MasterWP… There’s a great MWP article on this whole “WordPress Gold Rush” concept that I really recommend reading. But first, I’d start with Justin Ferriman’s piece  WordPress Gold Rush?  – I think he does a great job of presenting the affirmative argument for an upcoming WordPress gold rush. On MasterWP, Rob does a great job making  The case against a WordPress ‘gold rush’ 

I tend to fall on the ‘no gold rush’ side of the argument. To me, blocks are NOT plugins. Plugins completely repaint and rebrand the WordPress experience. The best plugins create their own ecosystems (WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, Elementor). You know you’re using them, sometimes even moreso than you realize you’re still in WordPress. On the other hand, blocks are just blocks. They’re tiny. They live in little pockets of the editor. 

I could see the argument for a new wave of block-ecosystems (like Kadence) but at the end of the day, everyone (except for Justin) seems to be crying “gold rush” from the safety of a job at Automattic or a hosting company. I’ll be more convinced when I see them starting the new Genesis or iThemes.

A few quick links before I go

That’s all for now. Have a great week and reach out here or on the fediverse (or Twitter) to talk about all things WordPress.

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