Mastering Theme Development with In The Loop

Happy Friday!

Are you like me: a WordPress custom theme developer who has no idea how to handle the block editor? Then boy do I have the podcast episode for you! I promise that it will not answer any questions you might have, but it sure asks them out loud !

Truth is, WordPress is getting weird and hard and we’re probably a few years from being through the tunnel to the “new WordPress” when it comes to custom theme building. The best way out is through, which means conversations with people who are trying their hardest to build custom, high-end WordPress sites in the block-editor.

I was lucky enough to be on the In The Loop podcast with Cory Hughart and Phil Hoyt to talk all about this and I really recommend giving it a listen:

 🔗 In The Loop: Mastering Theme Development 

I also gave a few of my followup thoughts on a new article for MasterWP. I talk about managing an open source framework like Understrap, working on a newsletter, and more:

 🔗 How agencies are handling the transition to Gutenberg- A conversation with In The Loop 

A few quick links before I go:

That’s all for now. Have a great week and reach out here or on Twitter (or Mastodon) to talk about all things WordPress.

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