Of Mastodon and the WordPress site editor

Happy Friday! Last week I spent some time digging into the block editor and trying to understand the #!&@#ing logic behind alignments and widths. I started by  venting on Twitter  but ended up writing a post about what I’ve learned. If you’re coming from the Bootstrap/Tailwind mindset for widths/containers, I recommend giving it a read:  “Normal” width websites in the block editor 

Fellow WordPress developer Teron Bullock is one of my favorite people and we got to have this wide-ranging discussion all about WordPress 6.1 (and WCUS and Gutenberg in general) over on Press the Issue, the MasterWP Podcast:  What’s Exciting about WordPress 6.1?  

Are you  enjoying the slow-motion car wreck that is Twitter as much as I am? Woo boy. However, if you’re into the Mastodon thing, I’m also trying that out as  @[email protected] , at least until I see the best approach for maybe self-hosting my own account via WordPress / Activity Pub. Please connect with me as I’m looking for new WordPress friends to follow.

Finally, a quick teaser: I’m working on a new project with one of my WordPress heroes and am hoping to share it very soon. Stay tuned! A few quick links before I go:

That’s all for now. Have a great week and reach out here or on Twitter (or Mastodon) to talk about all things WordPress.

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