Theme.json and Blocks Three Ways

If I’ve been a little quiet on the blog here, it’s because I’ve been busy preparing for WordCamp Phoenix, just around the corner. I’ll be giving a presentation titled Migrating your Workflow from ACF Flexible Content to ACF Blocks. (In case you couldn’t tell, that’s been a theme around here.)

If you’re interested in WordPress block development- Aurooba and I did a two-episode run on viewSource all about it. Because we also used a lot of screen-sharing, I’m linking straight to our YouTube for these ones:

First we went full in on building an ACF Block. We talk about the mindset of block-first development and where ACF can still fit in.
🎥 Digging into ACF Blocks for the Block Editor

Then we compared that to a few different ways to build native Gutenberg blocks. We also discussed block patterns and how we make decisions on what tools to use for a given design.
🎥 Exploring Different Kinds of Gutenberg Blocks

Finally, we’ve been playing around with theme.json – the newer WordPress method for defining your theme’s styles. There’s a lot of cool stuff (like limiting all the design options in the block editor to match your CSS), but there’s also a lot of “huh?” moments that I outlined this week.
✏️ Embracing theme.json, kicking and screaming

Let me know if you’re coming to WCPHX! I always get nervous going to a conference without having a coworker or a buddy around to hang out, so if you see me standing awkwardly in the corner, that’s just my normal social anxiety.

A few quick links before you go:

That’s all folks. Will I see you in Phoenix?

Brian Coords
Modern WordPress Development