WordPress 5.9, Full Site Editing, Spotify, and More

WordPress 5.9 and full site editing was a major focus of last week, and you’ll see that in some of the articles below. I also spent a lot of time supporting the acquisition and relaunch of  MasterWP , the newsletter for WordPress Pros. I definitely recommend adding MasterWP to your WP newsletter feed as well, as we have some great things in the works. As always feel free to respond to this email and  follow me on Twitter  for more frequent articles and other links I share out.

 Testing Full Site Editing and Twenty Twenty Two 

Last week I updated my site’s theme to Twenty Twenty Two and attempted to take advantage of FSE (Full Site Editing) in WordPress 5.9 to design everything you see here.  Read more 

 MasterWP: What’s on deck for WordPress 6.0 

WordPress 6.0 will be the release that really completes the Site Editor.  Read more 

 MasterWP: WordPress 5.9 and Full Site Editing 

This week for MasterWP, I answered the question “can agencies take advantage of full site editing, or is it really just an appeal to the DIY, no-code crowd?”  Read more 

 Why I don’t build websites for equity or ownership 

If you’ve been building websites long enough, you will no doubt get the inevitable pitch to build a website for someone’s new business idea. For free.  Read more 

 VSCode Snippet for using jQuery in WordPress 

These days I’m trying to use vanilla JS as much as possible, but more often than not, I find myself writing jQuery when in WordPress.  Read more 

That’s all for this week. What do you think the next big focus in the WordPress community will be?

Brian Coords
Modern WordPress Development