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WordPress Developer,
Educator, and sometimes Writer.

Here I share my latest writing, tech videos, podcast appearances, and scribbled-down thoughts on everything from WordPress and tech to just regular life stuff.

I also co-host a weekly WordPress development show/podcast called viewSource. You can find my writing on industry publications like MasterWP and The WP Minute and even WordPress.org.

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    A Mild Defense of Meta Boxes

    WordPress Twitter was provoked this past week with a critique of developers using ACF meta boxes and options pages to control content.

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    Thoughts on designing for developers

    We’ve been tightening up some internal processes at work, one of them being the design-to-dev handoff process. This is just a brief collection of thoughts for designers from the developer perspective.

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    Finding a newsletter workflow for WordPress

    You’d think that creating an email newsletter in WordPress would be easier in 2023.

  • Human and non-Human Writing

    There are different types of writing, writing for humans and writing for robots. Guess which one the robots are good at.

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    Stuffed full of the feed

    Is 2023 the year the “feed” finally wins the war against self-selected content?

  • Blog Posts vs Articles

    What’s the difference between a blog post and an article?

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    What’s the point of Twitter?

    I’m reevaluating my relationship with Twitter and with social media in general.

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    There’s too much code

    With AI tools like Github Copilot on the rise, I have some concern about the sheer amount of code we’re dealing with in our jobs today.