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[Linked Article] A Beginner’s Guide to the WordPress REST API

I wrote a post for the Toptal.com blog. The article covers the WordPress REST API, as well as provides an introduction to REST APIs in general. I offer an example use case that you can follow along, and discuss some future potential of the project. Consider it a birds-eye overview, meant for people like myself who are not API gurus, but WordPress developers interested in expanding their repertoire of development tricks.


[Linked Article] Honoring a Son by Reaching Thousands

Recently, I had the privilege to co-author a blog post for The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation. The subject of our profile piece was Lisa McDaniel, a mother who lost her son to a rare auto-immune disease. She now spends her time educating and advocating in his honor. Read the full article.

Honoring a Son by Educating Thousands