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    How Many Podcasts Do We Need?

    The ongoing joke starting somewhere around 2018 is that everyone has a podcast. With the move towards ‘shelter-in-place’ rules the past few weeks, that maxim has only proven more true with more friends and relatives grabbing a microphone to unload their point of view. My cynicism has been grappling with how to feel about this,…

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    How Much is Enough?

    How many people’s kids should I keep track of? Should I know all their names and ages? What if we’re related, does that change things? Nieces and nephews, how important are they? Are second cousins a real thing? Should I know what grade every one is in? Should I watch what my own kids did…

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    Empty Moments

    Waiting for the eggs to finish cooking – open the news and check in on the entire world. Going out to walk the dog – grab the headphones and listen to a podcast. While the barista makes your coffee – check your email and delete a few unwanted promotional offers. Your daughter steps out of…

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    Camera Carousel

    I stood next to my daughters as they rode in circles on a carousel. It was the ultimate forced move into helicopter parenting- I’m required to stand there in case my two year old gets thrown from a plaster panda bear, even though she’s four feet off the ground, affixed with a massive leather strap,…