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How to Start a Writing Habit from Scratch

I try to write every day, but more often than not, I fail.

In fact, I’ve tried to start a daily writing habit plenty of times in my life, but I’ve only recently stuck to it pretty regularly. And now I consider it a success if I write something at least four times week. When I was an English teacher, I was pretty much a hypocrite- making the students fill out a journal every day while the only letters I ever put to the page were a red A  – F.


Writing vs Content Marketing

In the book Sick in the Head, a young Jerry Seinfeld is interviewed by an even younger Judd Apatow about the state of stand-up comedy in the 80s. They discuss the difference between comedians who view stand-up as the ultimate goal and comedians who use comedy as a tool to get fame, notoriety, or to get on a sitcom:

“Jerry: Well, they use it as a vehicle, which is fine.

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Technology as a Tool- Not a Tyrant

Reflecting on the state of American nonprofits in the current century, the stats are good. Even after a major dip with the recession a decade ago, overall giving is up across the board. One of the major forces for good has been the rise of technology and online giving, specifically for smaller nonprofits and faith-based nonprofits. Online giving has increased at a rate almost three times higher than giving as a whole, and the uncharted territory of online activism and social media-based outreach is just beginning to be understood.

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Writing WordPress Content in HTML

There are a lot of myths and opinions about developers and their reliance on- or aversion to- software that has been built by others.

On one side of the spectrum, there’s the camp that believes that everything with your name on it should be build from scratch in HTML and vanilla CSS. These purists like to forgo any modern convenience, any framework or library that appears too easy or too user-friendly.

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Digital Media Workflow Step Two – Develop the Mediums

It’s time to come clean. Earlier I said that not every story is put down in writing, and in a sense, that’s true. We can tell our stories through alternative mediums like video and photography. When it comes to our online digital media strategy, however, writing is going to pervade everything you do. And with good reason: writing is still the most effective way to communicate ideas across distance and time.