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Hi, I’m Brian Coords and I’m helping WordPress developers and agencies make the transition into the new era of the Block Editor.

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    Neil, Joe, and Daniel – Thoughts on the Spotify Podcast Ecosystem

    The wild west days are coming to an end and podcasts in Spotify are going to function a lot more like Facebook than the open web.

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    Staying Socialized

    One of the common concerns of homeschooling we often hear is that kids need to be socialized. But socialization is public schools is only one specific type of socialization.

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    How to Enqueue JavaScript for a Shortcode

    One of the top questions I get is how to add JavaScript for your shortcode the right way without affecting pagespeed.

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    On Basecamp and Banned Speech

    There’s a saying about being the president: if the problem landing on the president’s desk were easy to solve, it wouldn’t have made it to the president’s desk. In the new social landscape, we’re all the president of our own little social world. We’re all faced with way too many outrageous occasions that beg our…

  • Mastering Advanced Custom Fields with WordPress 

    A quick walkthrough of our ACF process when building custom WordPress themes.

  • Up and Running with Understrap and WordPress

    An intro video to a longer paid course on Understrap, the open source WordPress + Bootstrap theme framework.

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    How To Be Wrong

    This morning one of my daughters was wrong. Shocking, I know, but it happens from time to time. Our girls have been learning some simple ASL (American Sign Language) through YouTube videos. Our four-year-old, Maeve, who can sing her ABCs but not identify most of the letters yet, has made it from A to C…