Announcing A New Podcast, with Yours Truly and an Even Better Cohost

I am stoked to finally announce a new project that’s been in the works. Introducing our brand new podcast:

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viewSource – A weekly conversation around tech, web development, and WordPress with hosts Aurooba Ahmed and Brian Coords.

The trailer episode is available now so you can go subscribe to our feed wherever you get your podcasts. And a bonus: every episode will be available on YouTube in video format. So, a quick rundown:

Why a podcast?

Over the last year I got to dip my toes into appearing on a few podcasts. Appearing on a podcast is relatively easy, you just show up and answer questions. Meanwhile I’ve been working on spending a lot more time doing educational video content. I used to be an actual classroom teacher, but a decade of remote work and general social anxiety has made me feel a little bit rusty when talking to anyone other than my own children.

Much like my regular blogging habit is helping me refine my written communication, I’m hopeful that a regular podcasting habit will do the same verbally. And with a cohost who’s a solid 3x smarter than me, she’s definitely someone that keeps me on my toes and forces me to be better.

Why a cohost? And why this cohost?

My favorite podcasts are typically two people having an ongoing conversation: Dithering with John Gruber and Ben Thompson, ShopTalk Show with Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert, and really any of the other shows where two white guys friends talk regularly about tech.

Sometimes you just want to have a conversation about what you do all day with someone else who does it, to share common ground and learn from each other’s differences. And as a podcast listener, I enjoy the parasocial relationship and the fact that I’m hearing familiar voices from actual human beings who are friends (Note: After writing that sentence I can’t decide if that sounds positive or pathetic).

If you don’t follow Aurooba, I consider her one of the most prolific developer/communicators in the WordPress space. She has plugins. She has videos. She has a daily podcast. She has deep developer knowledge. She’s just fun to talk to. Honestly, I’m not sure why she even agreed to this, but don’t tell her I said that.

What to expect?

For a full sampling of what to expect, check out the trailer episode. But if you’re still reading, here’s what it is: The current plan is to drop one episode weekly and to stay under thirty minutes per episode. No one needs another 2+ hour podcast hitting their feed every week.

The topics we have in our queue are tech and WordPress-adjacent. We both geek out on a very specific WordPress developer mindset, one that relatively few podcasts seem to explore. There’ll be a mix of big tech ideas, specific best practices, business management, project management, and all the various “hats” that we see ourselves wearing out here in web dev land.

We’ve already recorded a number of episodes and I think you’ll really enjoy what’s coming. So smash that subscribe button as the online youths say and come along for the ride. A podcast is ultimately a relationship between the hosts and the listener, so we’re really excited to see where that relationship grows and goes.

👉 Visit viewsource.fm for all the things.

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