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  • Stuffed full of the feed

    Is 2023 the year the “feed” finally wins the war against self-selected content?

  • Blog Posts vs Articles

    What’s the difference between a blog post and an article?

  • What’s the point of Twitter?

    I’m reevaluating my relationship with Twitter and with social media in general.

  • There’s too much code

    With AI tools like Github Copilot on the rise, I have some concern about the sheer amount of code we’re dealing with in our jobs today.

  • “Normal” width websites in the block editor

    What is going on with max-widths and alignments in the block editor? Is there a method behind this madness?

  • Recreating the Quick Draft dashboard widget using the WordPress Data Layer

    Thanks to this great course on Learn WordPress, I’ve recently been inspired by the potential of the WordPress Data Layer. The best way I can describe the data layer is to imagine having a complete UI framework of WordPress components- then combining that with a complete React.js/Redux JavaScript framework hand-tailored to the WordPress REST API. […]

  • WordPress’ Secret World of JavaScript

    A recent course about the WordPress Data Layer may have changed my mind about the potential of JavaScript in WordPress.

  • Writing a tiny full site editing plugin

    One of my largest issues with the full site editing user experience is the difficulty in transitioning from the backend to the frontend of your website. If you’re in the site editor, there’s no admin bar, no single click to get back to the front of your website. It requires multiple full-page reloads. I find […]

  • Wow, That Really Blew Up

    Last week I had a WordPress-related tweet sort of ‘blow up,’ although I mean that in really the most insignificant and self-deprecating way imaginable. Within the tiny WordPress bubble, my tweet gained enough traction to be repeatedly shared, referenced in industry newsletters and publications (including SearchEngineJournal?), and even earn me a minor wrist-slapping DM from […]

  • 🔗 The WP Minute – Where Will The WordPress Middle Class Go?   Linked Post

    WordPress has always been a good on-ramp solution for new developers…often meant the first step to a new career in web development.