How to send a support request to your developer

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Whenever you see issues that look out of date from what you expect the website to look like, the first step is to make sure you’re actually seeing the most recent version of the webpage. Sometimes our browser loads portions of the website from a local ‘cache’ or locally stored version. Make sure you’re getting the latest, updated version by either:

If you do continue to see issues, you’ll want to compile as much information for your developer as possible, knowing that what you’re seeing on your computer will not always match what your developer sees. Everything from your operating system and device to browser and browser extensions can affect the end result of what shows up on your screen.

Like a detective building a case around a crime, your job is to collect as much evidence as possible, with as many specific details as you can find. It’s recommended that you collect the following :

  1. The URL of the webpage with the issue.
  2. A screenshot of the issue as it appears on your computer (https://www.take-a-screenshot.org/)
  3. A description of what you’re seeing and what you should see
  4. In some cases, I may request your browser information by visiting this website (https://supportdetails.com/)

You’ll be surprised at how much back-and-forth you can save by merely compiling all of the right information before sending that first email.

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