ACF Blocks and More Github Copilot for WordPress

Happy Thursday!

Why am I sending this on Thursday instead of Friday? Why do I assume that anyone would even notice the difference? I don’t know. I’m playing around with productivity schedules (including a return to time-block planning, Cal Newport-style) so I’ll be experimenting with different formats and schedules for blog posts and this newsletter.

One thing that’s consistent is viewSource: the new podcast from myself and Aurooba Ahmed. We’re releasing a new episode every Monday (as a podcast AND on YouTube). The first one is out and it’s all about Github Copilot. (You can read my original announcement post with the background story here.)

Are you trying Copilot? I clearly have been, because this week I wrote up a few tips and tricks for using Github Copilot with WordPress development. I promise the Copilot content will be coming down for a landing and parked in the hangar soon.
✏️ Copilot + WordPress: A Few Tips

The other big thing I’m focusing on is ACF Blocks. I’m working on some training materials for developers migrating from classic theme development, and I wrote about how I made a pretty basic mistake and got lost in their documentation. Some ACF team members even responded on Twitter because they’re just great peeps.
✏️ Documentation for Dummies (like me)

Finally, a few thoughts on all the new Mastodon clients (and my willingness to hand over authentication tokens like they’re going out of style). If you’re in the fediverse, let’s connect because I really need more fun people to follow.
✏️ It’s all on Mastodon now

A few links before I go:

That’s everything this week. If I missed anything exciting on the interwebs, reply or find me online!

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