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  • Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Book Review and Notes

    I remember reading this book, but I don’t remember reading this book. Most critics point out that Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is probably three or four books in one, and that each time you read it, you’re reading something unique. When I read ZMM ten years ago, it was definitely a book about philosophy and…

  • Weezer Promises that Everything Will Be Alright, Delivers

    If there’s anything to say about this record, I think the title does an adequate job. It’s alright. It’s not great- it’s not terrible. It’s just alright, and considering where Weezer’s been in the years since their first stumble, Make Believe, alright isn’t half-bad. This is an album that’s a clear Throwback Thursday, where the garage is…

  • Breaking the Time Barrier Book Notes and Review

    Mike McDermott’s Breaking the Time Barrier, a choose-your-own-price ebook, evaluates the value-based approach to pricing services through a fictional conversation between a professional and a curious amateur. Through their dialogue, the reader is introduced to the idea that we should determine the value of our services based on the potential return for the client rather than…

  • Frontend Development for Community All Stars

    Ask the guys at Community All Stars why they do what they do and the answer is simple: helping high school sports programs succeed. When I taught high school, I quickly learned that sports programs take some of the most at-risk youth and give them a reason to show up every day and work hard.…

  • Church Web Design for Rocky Hill Community Church

    Design of the Rocky Hill Community Church website was a personal labor of love. The church needed a fresh and modern web design to provide a nice juxtaposition to the historical landmark of a building they meet in. Features The site runs on WordPress, which allows the church the ability to edit the content of pages,…

  • App Design and Development – NMO Resources

    Recently, I had the opportunity to design and develop a smartphone app for The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation. The app is meant as an educational resource for clinicians and stakeholders in the NMO community. Some of the requests were for a modern, visual interface, easy navigation and hierarchy, and a deep pool of information made easily accessible.…

  • Website Design for Krase, Bailey, Reed-Krase, LLP

    The beginning of 2016 marked the launch of a brand new website for Krase, Bailey, Reed-Krase, LLP, a law office based in Porterville, California. The firm was looking for something modern, graphic, and engaging with subtle parallax and animation effects.    

  • Website Design for Self-Help Enterprises

    Self-Help Enterprises is a national non-profit that helps homeowners help themselves. Their main initiative allows people to physically help build their own homes and basically make their down payment in sweat equity instead of cash. They also help with education and resources, including access to green energy and clean drinking water. I worked with  California’s…