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I’m helping WordPress developers and agencies make the transition into the new era of the WordPress Block Editor.

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  • Custom Settings Screens in Block Themes

    How do you build custom settings pages for “modern” WordPress?

  • Updating the Twitter/𝕏 Icon in Font Awesome 4

    If you’re managing an older website running Font Awesome 4, you might be asked to swap out the Twitter icon for the new X / 𝕏 symbol. Personally, I wasn’t in the mood to pull down an entire site, dig up the build process, replace FA4 with a newer version, etc. Instead, I jumped into…

  • 🔗 WPCoffeeTalk: Brian Coords

    A brief yet caffeinated chat with WP all-star Michelle Frechette on her podcast, WPCoffeeTalk.

  • WP Accessibility Day 2023

    On September 28th, Aurooba and I will be co-presenting at WP Accessibility Day – a free, online conference dedicated to web accessibility and WordPress.

  • Build Custom Blocks Using InnerBlocks

    A great way to start building blocks for WordPress is using InnerBlocks. Group other blocks together and easily add styles and settings.

  • Custom Lists in WordPress with Register Block Style

    Register a custom block style in Gutenberg with simple PHP and CSS- no JavaScript or build process required.

  • Custom Responsive Settings in Gutenberg Blocks

    Add custom settings fields to any Gutenberg block. In this tutorial, we add a responsive display setting to Gutenberg using 10up’s Block Extension API, the WordPress Scripts build process, and the WordPress Base Styles Sass library.

  • ACF Blocks Post Carousel Tutorial

    We’re building a post carousel block using ACF Blocks. We’re doing everything from start to finish, including loading a third-party resource (Flickity) and default Gutenberg supports like colors and alignment. No build process, no fancy JavaScript, just Advanced Custom Fields.