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Hi, I’m Brian!

I’m helping WordPress developers and agencies make the transition into the new era of the WordPress Block Editor.

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    Custom Lists in WordPress with Register Block Style

    Register a custom block style in Gutenberg with simple PHP and CSS- no JavaScript or build process required.

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    Custom Responsive Settings in Gutenberg Blocks

    Add custom settings fields to any Gutenberg block. In this tutorial, we add a responsive display setting to Gutenberg using 10up’s Block Extension API, the WordPress Scripts build process, and the WordPress Base Styles Sass library.

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    ACF Blocks Post Carousel Tutorial

    We’re building a post carousel block using ACF Blocks. We’re doing everything from start to finish, including loading a third-party resource (Flickity) and default Gutenberg supports like colors and alignment. No build process, no fancy JavaScript, just Advanced Custom Fields.

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    Managing Images in your Custom Gutenberg Block

    Let’s build a custom WordPress block with a focus on editable image fields. Using the block-components library from 10up and a custom image function I wrote this year, we’ll go through every file in our custom block together.

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    Building the WordPress Icon Library

    Last week I was inspired to quickly code up a one-pager: a searchable guide to the WordPress icon library

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    Getting WordPress Media Library images in JavaScript

    A tiny JavaScript replacement for wp_get_attachment_image.

  • 🔗 In the Loop: Learning Out Loud

    Aurooba and I talk to Cory and Phil about our podcast, viewSource— and we talk about why we started it, who it’s for, and why all of us keep putting ourselves out there, learning WordPress in public.

  • Styling the separator block in five attempts

    Exploring different ways to change the default color of the Separator block in WordPress, including using regular CSS, scoped CSS, theme.json, and block-specific stylesheets.