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I’m a WordPress developer, writer, and instructor. I’m the Technology Director at HDC. You’ll usually find me around MasterWP and the Understrap theme framework.

Here I share my latest writing, tech videos, podcast appearances, and scribbled-down thoughts on everything from WordPress and tech to just regular life stuff.

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  • How to Use Hosts.cx to Preview a Website

    Update: It looks like Hosts.cx is no longer active. Here’s a decent alternative: https://www.skipdns.link When a website relaunch requires a migration, there’s one really iffy period that’s always given me the most trouble. You’ve drawn and designed, built mockups and prototypes, coded your site on a local server and even pushed it up to a demo […]

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  • Technology as a Tool- Not a Tyrant

    Reflecting on the state of American nonprofits in the current century, the stats are good. Even after a major dip with the recession a decade ago, overall giving is up across the board. One of the major forces for good has been the rise of technology and online giving, specifically for smaller nonprofits and faith-based […]

  • Analyzing Accessibility: ChromeLens Review

    A new Chrome extension for accessibility is making the rounds and for good reason. ChromeLens is an extension that lives inside of your Chrome Developer Tools and allows you to run diagnostic tests on any webpage from the point of view of being visually impaired. How Accessibility Compares to Browsing Habits Visual impairment affects more than 10% of […]

  • AdWords for Nonprofits – How to Get Half a Million Dollars in Free Ads

    In the non-profit space, internet marketing and modern tooling can be a hard sell, especially with limited resources. Fortunately, Google has a great suite of free apps,grants, and Adwords for nonprofits, offering them a unique chance to take advantage of Google’s top-class services and advertising network. For this article, we’re going to dive a little […]

  • Writing WordPress Content in HTML

    There are a lot of myths and opinions about developers and their reliance on- or aversion to- software that has been built by others. On one side of the spectrum, there’s the camp that believes that everything with your name on it should be build from scratch in HTML and vanilla CSS. These purists like […]

  • Custom Post Type Basics – Super Custom WP Part 2

    This is part two of a series on customizing WordPress. Click here to start at the beginning. The transition of WordPress from blogging platform to full-fledged CMS is an ongoing process, but it was around Version 3.0 that the ability to register our own custom post type really kicked it into high gear. Custom post types allow us […]

  • CMB2 & the WP REST API

    Update: CMB2 has added support for the REST API. While this method is still valid, I encourage you to review my follow-up post as well as their documentation. CMB2 opens a lot of doors with WordPress development, making it possible to store all sorts of meta, or extra, information about each post. Typically, meta information […]

  • WordPress Plugin: Free Beaver Builder Custom Modules

    Recently I’ve been using the Beaver Builder WordPress plugin for websites that need to be turned over to clients. I love Beaver Builder because you can make just about anything, even using the default modules. For some of my projects, however, I like to take things a step further to make sure everything is simple […]

  • Digital Media Workflow Step Two – Develop the Mediums

    It’s time to come clean. Earlier I said that not every story is put down in writing, and in a sense, that’s true. We can tell our stories through alternative mediums like video and photography. When it comes to our online digital media strategy, however, writing is going to pervade everything you do. And with […]

  • Digital Media Workflow Step One – Find the Story

    John is standing in a small semicircle of casual acquaintances, holding a drink in one hand and trying to think of something to say. Everyone else has shared an insightful opinion or humorous anecdote with the group, and he starts to feel the pressure of his own self-consciousness behind his eyes. He knows it’s his […]