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AdWords for Nonprofits – How to Get Half a Million Dollars in Free Ads

In the non-profit space, internet marketing and modern tooling can be a hard sell, especially with limited resources. Fortunately, Google has a great suite of free apps,grants, and Adwords for nonprofits, offering them a unique chance to take advantage of Google’s top-class services and advertising network.

For this article, we’re going to dive a little deeper into Ad Grants and Ad GrantsPro, but I encourage you to take a look at the full list of benefits available with Google for Nonprofits.

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Digital Media Workflow Step Two – Develop the Mediums

It’s time to come clean. Earlier I said that not every story is put down in writing, and in a sense, that’s true. We can tell our stories through alternative mediums like video and photography. When it comes to our online digital media strategy, however, writing is going to pervade everything you do. And with good reason: writing is still the most effective way to communicate ideas across distance and time.

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Digital Media Workflow Step One – Find the Story

John is standing in a small semicircle of casual acquaintances, holding a drink in one hand and trying to think of something to say. Everyone else has shared an insightful opinion or humorous anecdote with the group, and he starts to feel the pressure of his own self-consciousness behind his eyes. He knows it’s his turn to talk, but he isn’t sure he has anything to say.

Arm-wrestling over money.

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Breaking the Time Barrier Book Notes and Review

Mike McDermott’s Breaking the Time Barrier, a choose-your-own-price ebook, evaluates the value-based approach to pricing services through a fictional conversation between a professional and a curious amateur. Through their dialogue, the reader is introduced to the idea that we should determine the value of our services based on the potential return for the client rather than the time spent or some fixed rate we’ve determined.