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Technology as a Tool- Not a Tyrant

Reflecting on the state of American nonprofits in the current century, the stats are good. Even after a major dip with the recession a decade ago, overall giving is up across the board. One of the major forces for good has been the rise of technology and online giving, specifically for smaller nonprofits and faith-based nonprofits. Online giving has increased at a rate almost three times higher than giving as a whole, and the uncharted territory of online activism and social media-based outreach is just beginning to be understood.

Blog / Tech

AdWords for Nonprofits – How to Get Half a Million Dollars in Free Ads

In the non-profit space, internet marketing and modern tooling can be a hard sell, especially with limited resources. Fortunately, Google has a great suite of free apps,grants, and Adwords for nonprofits, offering them a unique chance to take advantage of Google’s top-class services and advertising network.

For this article, we’re going to dive a little deeper into Ad Grants and Ad GrantsPro, but I encourage you to take a look at the full list of benefits available with Google for Nonprofits.


Church Web Design for Rocky Hill Community Church

Design of the Rocky Hill Community Church website was a personal labor of love. The church needed a fresh and modern web design to provide a nice juxtaposition to the historical landmark of a building they meet in.


The site runs on WordPress, which allows the church the ability to edit the content of pages, update events, reflect in blog posts, and build in the upcoming online donation feature. 


Website Design for Self-Help Enterprises

Self-Help Enterprises is a national non-profit that helps homeowners help themselves. Their main initiative allows people to physically help build their own homes and basically make their down payment in sweat equity instead of cash. They also help with education and resources, including access to green energy and clean drinking water.

I worked with  California’s Central Valley office, a team of over 100 people, to take their content-rich site from the dark ages and into the future through a custom redesign.