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I make no secret of my love for Beaver Builder, especially when talking to groups looking for a nonprofit website builder. If you’re trying to build a modern WordPress website and need a leg up, Beaver Builder is not only the best WordPress page builder, it’s also evolving into an ecosystem of it’s own.

A Foundation for Nonprofits

When I first started building websites, I made everything from scratch- even the content management system. I’m definitely not saying this to brag, but instead to show how foolish I was. I thought that re-inventing the wheel was the most noble pursuit. It was only after a lot of wasted hours that I realized I was just shooting myself in the foot. The thing about an open-source, community led project like WordPress is that there are thousands of eyes on the project, checking for quality, security, bugs, etc.

So I started using WordPress, but was still dead-set against “page builders”. For whatever reason it seemed like it was cheating on my software development roots. Only when I stepped back, looked at the fundamental mission of the entire WordPress project- to democratize publishing– did I realize that page builders are actually becoming an integral part of developing a high quality website, whether you have an annual budget in the millions or not.

At the end of the day, getting our message to our audience is our number one priority, along with making sure that message is presented securely and using the best on-page SEO tips and tricks. Allowing a developer to show off his newest javascript framework front-end single-page-app at the expense of your budget is overkill.

The Website Builder Ecosystem

The first benefit of Beaver Builder is that it’s not just a page builder- it’s an entire ecosystem. I think of it like WordPress itself, or like WooCommerce, the big online shopping cart for WordPress sites. There’s the big cheese, but then there’s dozens of other developers building extensions that add even more functionality. Somewhere along the line, you’ll probably find the exact tool you’re looking for.

For starters, if you just need a nonprofit website builder, Beaver Builder will help you design your webpages, with an easy drag-and-drop interface. Need a contact form or a photo gallery? Drag and drop it exactly where you want it. Not to mention, you can easily adjust your overall site design if you’re using the Beaver Builder Theme.

What if your WordPress needs are a little more advanced? If you’re hosting custom post types like Podcast episodes, a video library, or an events calendar, that’s where Beaver Themer steps in. Start designing those hard-to-modify pages like article listing pages, custom post types, or WooCommerce pages.

Browse their list of third-party extensions (including my own free extension CB Custom Modules) to see just how mature this ecosystem has gotten. Between the big players- Ultimate Addons and Power Pack– and all the other great resources, you’ll definitely find that little design element or functionality your nonprofit is looking for.

Great Community

Finally, what sets Beaver Builder apart, and makes it my pick for the best nonprofit website builder, is the community. If you’re new to Beaver Builder, I’d recommend starting with all of the great online video resources on YouTube like David Waumsley and WPCrafter. Just watching someone else set up a website with Beaver Builder is a great start.

Then, join the Beaver Builders Facebook Group. Basically this collects a giant repository of people asking the same questions you might ask, except they’re answered by Beaver Builder experts and aficionados. Finally, subscribe to a few Beaver Builder related resources to ensure you’re getting all the latest and greatest. I recommend ProBeaver and my own, less frequent newsletter at CB Custom Modules.


While Beaver Builder may not be specifically a nonprofit website builder, it is the best solution to the overall needs of most nonprofits- get information to your audience quickly, securely, and with modern professional design. With it’s robust ecosystem of extensions and add-ons, and the great free community resources, I recommend starting to explore the Beaver Builder world.

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