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Development for TalkInArabic.com

Recently I had the great responsibility to work on the redesign/relaunch of leading Arabic educational resource, TalkInArabic.com. The website is a huge content library, accessible via paid memberships and restricted content. What makes the service so unique is their focus on real-world dialects over academic language.

“We really appreciated Brian’s professionalism and dedication to the job. We’re very happy with the work provided and final outcome of the project.


Web Design and Development for Velstand Commercial

New website designed and developed for my friends at Velstand Commercial.

Eric and Erik at Velstand run a great commercial property investment company. They also had a real need for a modern and sophisticated website match the high quality of their investment portfolio.

The site is built on WordPress and takes advantage of a custom theme.

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How to Use Hosts.cx to Preview a Website

When a website relaunch requires a migration, there’s one really iffy period that’s always given me the most trouble. You’ve drawn and designed, built mockups and prototypes, coded your site on a local server and even pushed it up to a demo subdomain on your own site. After all this, though, there’s still one more trigger that needs to be pulled: pointing DNS records at your new hosting.

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Analyzing Accessibility: ChromeLens Review

A new Chrome extension for accessibility is making the rounds and for good reason.

ChromeLens is an extension that lives inside of your Chrome Developer Tools and allows you to run diagnostic tests on any webpage from the point of view of being visually impaired.

How Accessibility Compares to Browsing Habits

Visual impairment affects more than 10% of Americans, with almost 4% of Americans suffering from some form of visual impairment that is not considered correctable.

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Writing WordPress Content in HTML

There are a lot of myths and opinions about developers and their reliance on- or aversion to- software that has been built by others.

On one side of the spectrum, there’s the camp that believes that everything with your name on it should be build from scratch in HTML and vanilla CSS. These purists like to forgo any modern convenience, any framework or library that appears too easy or too user-friendly.

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Custom Post Type Basics – Super Custom WP Part 2

This is part two of a series on customizing WordPress. Click here to start at the beginning.

The transition of WordPress from blogging platform to full-fledged CMS is an ongoing process, but it was around Version 3.0 that the ability to register our own custom post type really kicked it into high gear. Custom post types allow us to take advantage of a number of WordPress defaults- the admin UI, taxonomies, archives, thumbnails, revisions, page templates, and more- in order to handle our own types of repeatable data.

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Don’t Fear the Auto-Update – Stay on Top of WordPress

Recently I’ve noticed a new sort of FOMO in the online community, fear of missing out on breaking changes. Every time a new version of something is released, from iOS to WordPress, there’s a large chorus of ‘wait for the .1 release’ online. And I have to say that I understand the hesitance. Breaking changes and glitch interfaces are not fun, and neither is cleaning up a broken mess or trying to roll back a site.

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How to Successfully Use Visual Editors to Give Your Clients Control

I used to be very skeptical about visual builders for websites, especially for developers. Perhaps I just never fully experienced the Dreamweaver era, though I have made a few Flash headers in my time. Or maybe there’s a sense of purity that comes from building something from ‘scratch’, even when ‘scratch’ includes the most popular CMS, the latest grid framework, and… well, you see where I’m going with this.

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Data Organization Overall Concepts – Super Custom WP Part 1

If you haven’t already, feel free to read the first post in the Super Custom WP series that introduces the topic and explores the concepts behind posts in more detail.

One of the ways to take advantage of WordPress as a real infrastructure is through the use of Custom Post Types. Custom post types allow us to take advantage of all of the functionality wrapped up in the core WordPress experience.

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Super Custom WordPress – Series Intro

As we enter the more advanced realms of custom WordPress development and client work, we want to find ways to make the entire experience easier for our clients. Most of our customers come to us to escape some outdated CMS where they’re copy-pasting chunks of HTML, always afraid that they’re going to break something because they’re really not sure what the other 95% of the code is doing anyway.