Updating the Twitter/𝕏 Icon in Font Awesome 4


If you’re managing an older website running Font Awesome 4, you might be asked to swap out the Twitter icon for the new X / 𝕏 symbol. Personally, I wasn’t in the mood to pull down an entire site, dig up the build process, replace FA4 with a newer version, etc. Instead, I jumped into the WordPress Customizer and added a few lines of CSS.

This should work pretty well, but you might also mess around with the font size and weight a little bit if it looks weird next to the other icons. Is the “𝕏” glyph actually the new Twitter logo? I guess?

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2 responses to “Updating the Twitter/𝕏 Icon in Font Awesome 4”

  1. Susan Docker Avatar

    You Rock! Thanks so much for posting this. You saved me a bunch of time.

    1. Brian Coords Avatar
      Brian Coords


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