• WordPress Tip: Create theme or plugin ZIP file with Gulp

    WordPress Tip: Create theme or plugin ZIP file with Gulp

    The way I develop now, I’m using NPM to grab packages, and typically Gulp to handle things like processing my Sass and JavaScript files. Gulp has been a great addition to the dev toolkit, allowing you to handle some repetitive tasks with just the click of a button or a few simple words on the […]

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  • WordPress for Nonprofits | WordCamp OC    Video

    A live presentation at WordCamp OC about getting your nonprofit website on WordPress quick and easy.

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  • How to Start a Writing Habit from Scratch

    How to Start a Writing Habit from Scratch

    I try to write every day, but more often than not, I fail. In fact, I’ve tried to start a daily writing habit plenty of times in my life, but I’ve only recently stuck to it pretty regularly. And now I consider it a success if I write something at least four times week. When […]

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  • Best WordPress Podcasts

    Best WordPress Podcasts

    I love podcasts. I also love staying up to day and learning more about WordPress. Unfortunately, podcasters seem to create new podcasts and then abandon them faster than Because of this, many of the lists online now are a little out-of-date. I quickly talk about some of the best WordPress podcasts that are coming out now with […]

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  • Membership Website Development for TalkInArabic.com

    Membership Website Development for TalkInArabic.com

    Recently I had the great responsibility to work on the redesign/relaunch of leading Arabic educational resource, TalkInArabic.com. The website is a huge content library, accessible via paid memberships and restricted content. What makes the service so unique is their focus on real-world dialects over academic language. “We really appreciated Brian’s professionalism and dedication to the […]

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  • Gutenberg: The Obligatory Review

    Gutenberg: The Obligatory Review

    The WordPress content editor has been, for a long time, the biggest achilles heel in regards to new WordPress users. I’m a huge fan of ambitiously designed articles, like the infamous NYTimes Greenland piece, which is now two years old. To achieve that effect in WordPress now is no easy feat, but the current focus […]

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  • Writing vs Content Marketing

    Writing vs Content Marketing

    In the book Sick in the Head, a young Jerry Seinfeld is interviewed by an even younger Judd Apatow about the state of stand-up comedy in the 80s. They discuss the difference between comedians who view stand-up as the ultimate goal and comedians who use comedy as a tool to get fame, notoriety, or to get on a […]

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  • Speaking at WordCamp OC 2017

    Speaking at WordCamp OC 2017

    I will be speaking at WordCamp OC 2017 on the topic of WordPress for Nonprofits. June 10 & 11 in Irvine. When I originally applied to speak, I remember filling out a few boxes, summarizing my potential speech in three lines or less. To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what I wrote. I’m sure it was […]

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  • Web Design and Development for Velstand Commercial

    Web Design and Development for Velstand Commercial

    New website designed and developed for my friends at Velstand Commercial. Eric and Erik at Velstand run a great commercial property investment company. They also had a real need for a modern and sophisticated website match the high quality of their investment portfolio. The site is built on WordPress and takes advantage of a custom theme. […]

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  • Digital Spring Cleaning

    Digital Spring Cleaning

    As someone who makes digital content for a living (websites, blogs, etc), it is easy to believe that consuming digital content is just as important as creating it. But is it? For the record, I’m not a big “productivity” guy who feels the need to optimize every aspect of his life. Instead, I weigh every task against […]

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