Speaking at WordCamp OC 2017

I will be speaking at WordCamp OC 2017 on the topic of WordPress for Nonprofits. June 10 & 11 in Irvine.

When I originally applied to speak, I remember filling out a few boxes, summarizing my potential speech in three lines or less. To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what I wrote. I’m sure it was some vague idea about best practices, plugin recommendations, and a humorous rendition of my own personal experience. Standard WordCamp presentation fare. Throw in a few inspirational slides- motivational one-liner printed in all-white, capital letters on a stark, black background- and you’ve got yourself a presentation, baby.

But the truth is, I’m still exploring what I want to say. There are a number of good presentations along the lines of WordPress for Nonprofits available on WordPress.tv. I think these presenters have done a great job, and I don’t want to simply repeat the same good advice. I have a few ideas I’m developing, and I plan on exploring some of those ideas in writing.

One of the major themes may be the relationship between nonprofits on WordPress and the WordPress community at large. What are the values and ideas in open source software that correlate with the values in charitable organizations? How does the very existence of the WordPress community help nonprofits? And of course, what plugins can I use?

Anything else I should talk about? Let me know here.

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