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  • How to Start a New Project

    Starting new projects is fun. A new beginning is adventurous, a journey into the unknown. I consider it a day wasted if I haven’t spent at least a few minutes imagining the start of some new project, new idea, maybe even a new life. Unless of course we’re talking about something public. Something shared. Something […]

  • Ongoing Website Maintenance

    Ongoing Website Maintenance

    Websites are like cars. I don’t build my own car- heck I don’t even change my own oil- but it doesn’t mean I don’t drive one. I just trust the professionals to keep it running. At a certain point, if your car isn’t making regular visits to a professional for upkeep and maintenance, you’ll find […]

  • Should I care about GDPR? The GDPR checklist.

    Should I care about GDPR? The GDPR checklist.

    Most of us think about GDPR the way we think about most abbreviations, that is to say, not at all. Abbreviations always have a negative consequence- even BYOB means you have to pay for the beer yourself. I’d been happily ignoring GDPR for a while now, much like the rest of the online community, until […]

  • The Best Nonprofit Website Builder

    The Best Nonprofit Website Builder

    I make no secret of my love for Beaver Builder, especially when talking to groups looking for a nonprofit website builder. If you’re trying to build a modern WordPress website and need a leg up, Beaver Builder is not only the best WordPress page builder, it’s also evolving into an ecosystem of it’s own. A […]

  • Should I be Using Google AMP?

    Should I be Using Google AMP?

    Google’s AMP project, short for Accelerated Mobile Pages, came out of nowhere to become one of the more polarizing topics in the modern web. Okay, so maybe not nowhere. AMP came out of one of the largest and most powerful tech companies on the internet. In fact, one of the main criticisms of AMP is […]

  • Get a thumbnail from the Vimeo API

    Get a thumbnail from the Vimeo API

    Grabbing the thumbnail URL for a video hosted on YouTube has always been simple. Just stick the video’s unique ID into a URL and bam- there’s your image. When it came to the Vimeo API, on the other hand, it used to be simple. Recently Vimeo has been in the process of sunsetting it’s classic […]

  • WordPress Tip: Create theme or plugin ZIP file with Gulp

    WordPress Tip: Create theme or plugin ZIP file with Gulp

    The way I develop now, I’m using NPM to grab packages, and typically Gulp to handle things like processing my Sass and JavaScript files. Gulp has been a great addition to the dev toolkit, allowing you to handle some repetitive tasks with just the click of a button or a few simple words on the […]

  • How to Start a Writing Habit from Scratch

    How to Start a Writing Habit from Scratch

    I try to write every day, but more often than not, I fail. In fact, I’ve tried to start a daily writing habit plenty of times in my life, but I’ve only recently stuck to it pretty regularly. And now I consider it a success if I write something at least four times week. When […]

  • Best WordPress Podcasts

    Best WordPress Podcasts

    I love podcasts. I also love staying up to day and learning more about WordPress. Unfortunately, podcasters seem to create new podcasts and then abandon them faster than Because of this, many of the lists online now are a little out-of-date. I quickly talk about some of the best WordPress podcasts that are coming out now with […]

  • Gutenberg: The Obligatory Review

    Gutenberg: The Obligatory Review

    The WordPress content editor has been, for a long time, the biggest achilles heel in regards to new WordPress users. I’m a huge fan of ambitiously designed articles, like the infamous NYTimes Greenland piece, which is now two years old. To achieve that effect in WordPress now is no easy feat, but the current focus […]